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WMEMS honours history and values with name change

WINNIPEG, Manitoba - Beginning July 1, 2023, WMEMS will officially shorten its name to Winnipeg Mennonite School (WMS).

The school has operated under the name Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary & Middle Schools since 2008. The change will make the school easier to remember and recognize within the larger community.

“In 2018, during organizational strategic planning with the Board of Directors, branding of the school was reviewed, and a consultant provided recommendations,” explains Steve Lawrie, CEO/Superintendent at WMS. “The issue arose again after the pandemic disruption to the strategic planning process.”

Throughout its 40-plus-year history, WMS has provided Christ-centred premier education within a vibrant school community through the lens of an Anabaptist-Mennonite faith. Maintaining a Mennonite identity in the name was important to the board, staff, and parents of the community.

“As we prepare for the next 40 years, the decision was made to shorten the name but remain consistent with the current brand of the school due to our rich history and name recognition,” Lawrie said.

“WMS is a school with two distinct campuses,” said Judson Rempel, Director of Community Relations and Marketing. “While each campus may do things a little differently, we are all still held together in our beliefs and our goals.”

Along with the name change, WMS is also adopting a new logo for their sports team, the Eagles. The new logo reflects a Golden Eagle, which Rempel believes is a better fit for the school.

A brown eagle head with gold outlines, with the text WMS Eagles underneath.

“Golden eagles are one of only two eagle species that live in Manitoba,” Rempel said. “They are known as one of the largest and fastest raptors in North America, but hunt in pairs and mate for life.”

The logo was a true collaboration between our staff, students, and parents. Grade 6 and 7 classes, in particular, had the chance to engage with the design team in an open forum. This information was used to create the logo.

Plans are in place to make these branding changes over the summer. Starting mid-July, current and prospective parents can visit to learn more about our school and its community.



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