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This school doesn't run without our parents and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Check below for fundraising opportunities.

Bedson PA - Fill Your Freezer Fundraiser

How to Fill Your Freezer:

Step 1: Collect orders from your family and friends using the forms below.

Step 2: Submit your orders through
*If you have not yet registered, please go to Setup and complete the required steps and add your child(ren)'s info.
Once you log into your Parent account, you will see the Fill Your Freezer fundraiser button. Follow the steps from there! 

Note - ordering through MunchaLunch only - paper forms will not be accepted, even via email.

Payment Options:
1. Credit Card - processed right thru MunchaLunch - no additional steps required.
2. Email Money Transfers - select "Cheque" as the type of payment and send your EMTs to 
3. Payments must be received by Wednesday, February 21st. 

Orders will be available for pick up Thursday, March 14th 3:30 - 5:30 pm - pick up your order on the school's front steps. 

New this year - Spenst Bros is offering farmer sausage and hamburgers (6-pack), however these only show up in MunchaLunch and not on the form. 

Bedson PA Information

Contact information;

General inquiries -

Hot lunch inquiries -

PA Members;

Chair - Melanie Trask

Vice-Chair - Naomi van der Wal

Secretary - Chantal Packulak

Treasurer - Trish Brown

Hot Lunch Coordinator - Jill Robertson

KF PA Information

Contact information;

General inquiries -

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