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From the second we walked into the school, it feels like they really genuinely care about every single kid that walks in.

WMEMS Parent


Bursary Fund

Our Bursary Fund provides direct support to families who are otherwise unable to attend. It's funded by our generous community.

Family Discounts

Families that have more than one student attending WMS receive tuition discounts, relieving financial burden and keeping siblings together longer.

Tuition Payment Options

We offer payment options for tuition because we want to help your family become a part of ours.

Student Tuition

2023-24 School Year

Kindergarten - Part Time
Kindergarten - Full Time to Grade 4
Grade 5 - 6
Grade 7-8
International Students

Families who have more than one student attending WMS qualify for the following tuition discounts:

  • $500 discount for a second student

  • The maximum tuition fee for a family will be $11,670 for families with children only in grades K-5 and $12,650 for families with at least one child in grades 6-8.


Additional Fees

  • Registration Fee - $60 per application, non-refundable

  • Society Fee - $20 per family, non-refundable

  • Capital Replenishment Fee - $160 per student, non-refundable

International Fees

  • International Application Fee - $400 per student, non-refundable

Busing Fees

  • Full-time (am and pm) - $1,770 per school year

  • Half-time (am or pm) - $1,328 per school year

  • Family max - $2,630 (full-time) and $1,973 (half-time)

Before & After School Fees

  • Full-time use - $171.10/month

    • Every morning and afternoon

  • Part-time use - $105.75/month

    • Every morning or every afternoon

  • Scheduled use - $11.00/day or $5.75/half day

  • Drop-in - $7.75/half day

  • Late fees - $10.50 per 15 minute period after 5:30 pm

Since WMS is classified as a charitable institution, a certain portion of fees paid to the school will be receipted as a charitable donation at the end of each calendar year.


Fee payments can be made through e-transfer to

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