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Discover what makes WMS special; excellent education, vibrant community, and caring staff


We strive to provide quality, Christ-centered education integrating faith and life within a caring school community.










“I love [WMS] because it's a small community where you can get to know EVERYONE! The people here are so kind and this school feels like home.”

Sanyu, 2022 Graduate



You deserve a say in your child's education

When you register for WMS, you become a part of our vibrant community. You are invited to participate in chapel on Friday, volunteer in the classrooms, or join our active Parent Association. Our Board of Directors is filled with parents like you, so you know that they are looking out for your child.
Plain and simple, this school doesn't run without the parents. And we wouldn't have it any other way.


Who we are today stems from where we started.

Based on the vision of five individuals, in 1980 a small group of respected leaders from the Mennonite community explored the viability of starting an independent Mennonite elementary school in Winnipeg.
In 1981, Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary Schools opened its doors in a rented wing of Lansdowne School with an enrolment of 48 students. Its purpose was to provide an example of how God should be included in everyday school life and how faith could be nurtured within a school setting. It invited students from all walks of life, backgrounds, denominational affiliations, academic and social abilities to join.
Over the years, interest and enrolment in the schools have continued to grow due in part to the sense of community built through the school population. The St.James school moved into its own building, and a second campus was added in Ft. Garry to service the growing number of students coming from all over the city.

In 2023, the school simplified its name to Winnipeg Mennonite School and remains the only Mennonite elementary school in Winnipeg.


The mission of WMS is to provide quality Christ-centered education, integrating faith and life within a caring school community.  Our school's mission is grounded in the following affirmations:

1.    God is the creator of all that exists and sustains all that is good.  God has given us freedom and responsibility for the choices we make in our lives.  Through Jesus Christ, we are invited to commit our lives to God and to God's way.
2.    Jesus Christ is God's only Son, who lived, died and rose from the dead in order that people could live in a loving relationship with God and with our neighbours.  Jesus Christ offers forgiveness for our sins, the gift of a more purposeful life, and the promise of living forever with God.  The life of Jesus is our example and his teachings are to be followed and obeyed.
3.    The Bible is God's message to us.  Through God's Holy Spirit, Scripture leads people to faith and guides them in the life of Christian discipleship.  We are to search out God's will for us in the reading of Scripture.
The journey of faith is a life-long process involving the total person.  In faith and hope and in honest seeking, we participate in God's work of reconciliation through:
Discipleship: Through a life of joyful obedience, we are called to follow Christ's teachings and examples daily. Our faith is expressed through our words, caring for one another, by sharing with those in need and by recognizing each person's value and equality under God.
Peace: Jesus Christ has shown us the way of peace.  He taught us to love our enemies, build relationships, and forgive wrongdoers rather than seek revenge.
Stewardship: We are called upon to be faithful stewards of all God has entrusted to us. We accept our responsibility for sharing the gospel, for providing assistance through service, and for managing and sharing resources we are blessed with.  As stewards of God's earth, we are called to care for the earth and to bring rest and renewal to the land and everything that lives on it.  

Christian education is a way of being with and relating to children and young people so that through opportunities for social, academic and spiritual growth, they are encouraged to accept themselves as persons of worth and purpose.  We freely share the message of God's love with students of all ages while allowing individuals to make their own decisions.  The call of Christian education is toward wholesome living in the family, church and community through lives of obedience to the way of Jesus Christ.


WMS is committed to providing a learning atmosphere that is safe, happy and secure. Simply put, bullying and abusing others is unacceptable. We believe that a well-disciplined environment is essential to the learning process. Mutual respect, co-operation, kindness and consideration for the needs of others are but some of the virtues that are to be evident in our students and staff. When parents/guardians enroll their children at WMS, one of the conditions they accept is that their children will comply readily with the WMS School Code of Conduct.

All staff members work together to create a positive and peaceful learning environment. Students will be informed about what the expectations are for appropriate behaviour and the consequences that can be expected should they not meet these expectations.

In situations of persistent misbehaviour or gross misconduct, the principal, teacher and parent will be involved in determining an appropriate course of action. Students, who have a long-term negative influence on the school, thereby deteriorating the quality of education for other children, may be required to leave the school.

Saying that you expect children to act appropriately sounds great. Teaching them how and what to do is what gets you to the place where students feel safe and have success. At WMS, we dedicate teaching time to achieve this. We integrate the Second Step program with biblical teachings to help teach kids about how we expect them to carry themselves and what God teaches us about how we should interact with others. Daily devotions and regular chapel time help us reinforce this message with our students.

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