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Kindergarten at WMS

With small classes, caring teachers, and a vibrant parent community, Kindergarten at Winnipeg Mennonite School is unlike anything you've seen before.


Full-time program

We offer full-time and half-time Kindergarten programs, so you can choose the option that is right for your student and your family.

Parental input

We believe that parents are a child's biggest teacher. At WMS, we partner with parents to educate their children and empower families to learn outside the classroom.

Small class sizes

We keep our class sizes small so that every student can be taught and cared for individually. Our staff know every student by name .

Premier education

Our students are given tools to prosper for the rest of their life. We believe our children are the future, and we invest heavily in their education.

Christ-centred values

The values of our Mennonite Christian faith guide our decisions. We care for every child's educational, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Safe and nurturing

WMS is a safe place for students and for families. We nurture students by supporting who they are; kids.

It has always been evident that every single adult in the building is completely invested in the children of the school . . . The solid foundation that our eldest child was able to take with him when entering high school made for a seamless transition.

WMS Parent

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