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International Students

Accepting continuous applications & intake


Bedson International
Student Academy

A program designed for international students to learn English and receive a premier education in a Christian school community.

The Bedson International Student Academy (BISA) is a program for students in grade 7 and 8, offering a specialized English Language Learning (ELL) classroom in which students will receive instruction for the purposes of learning English. All students in this classroom will be International Students learning English integrated with the core subjects of Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Religious Studies with an ELL specialist teacher. 

Students will have opportunities to integrate with our English stream students daily during Physical Education, Band, Choir (optional), Experiential Enrichment classes (Art, Digital Art, Drama, Outdoor Education), Intramurals and Clubs, Field Trips, recess and lunch breaks, and team sports (extra-curricular after school). 

About WMS

WMS is a premier private K-8 school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We offer a challenging program with high academic expectations.

Our faith is expressed in the Mennonite/Anabaptist tradition, and we seek to integrate our faith in all we do, with an emphasis on discipleship, peace, and stewardship.

With faith at the core, we offer the full Manitoba Curriculum, pursuing excellence in every aspect of school life. We seek to foster in each of our students' curiosity, gratitude and joy.

School Culture

We are a vibrant school community, and the involvement of parents is important to the success of students. It is very important that our International Students and parents make friends and experience belong as part of our school community, and know that this is vital to learning English. We foster a culture of acceptance and inclusion, and expect that our International Students will join us with that in mind.

About Winnipeg

WMS is located in Winnipeg, the capital and largest city of the province of Manitoba. Located in the center of Canada, Winnipeg boasts a multicultural population of 750,000. The city was developed around two major rivers, the Red River and Assiniboine River, and continues to be a major transportation hub.
Winnipeg enjoys four distinct seasons. Warm summer days are spent outside in the city or at the many lakes nearby. Winters are cold but beautiful, with a number of winter activities to participate in.
Home to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the city is also a cultural centre, hosting numerous festivals such as Folklorama and Festival du Voyageur.

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Important links:

Tourism Winnipeg


  1. WMS is an approved Designated Education Provider (DEP) for international students in the province of Manitoba

  2. Students wishing to apply at WMS do not have to use the services of a recruiting agent to apply and be accepted although most students do.

  3. WMS does not have a school run home stay program. Living accommodations and arrangements are separate and the responsibility of the student, their families and or their agent.

  4. WMS will accept applications from international students (K- 8) wishing to apply to attend our schools. Acceptance is based on many factors including the students academic record, interview, eligibility criteria and space available.

  5. Expressions of interest forms online will be accepted at any time during the school year.  When vacancies are available links to interview and apply will be sent to those interested in our school. 

  6.  Interview fees are $400 which covers the application, assessment and interview process. Interview fees are non-refundable.

  7. International students (once accepted) are invited to enrol and must pay 100% of the international tuition fee ($15000) to enrol.  Once enrolled and tuition is paid, letters of acceptance will be issued to assist with obtaining a visa to enter Canada. Tuition fees are refundable only if denied entry to Canada.   

  8. Students are eligible to start attending classes throughout the year. Start dates will be determined by the Principal.

  9. International students should have a basic grasp of the English language (appropriate to their age and grade level placement) and be able to converse with others at a basic level using English

  10. International Students whose eligibility status changes after September 30th will be required to continue to pay an international student fee until the next school year begins, except in those circumstances where Manitoba Education & Training approves the per student grant for that student.

  11. Transportation (from home to school and back) may be available via school bus at an additional charge.

  12. As of September 1, 2018 most international students are no longer covered under the Manitoba provincial health insurance plan. All students attending WMS are required to have valid and up to date medical/health insurance coverage.

  13. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to our Business Manager with documentation verifying the denial of a visa.

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