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We are glad you are choosing WMS.

Please fill out our official international student application form. International students are encouraged to apply early to provide time for study permits/visas to be processed.


我们很高兴您选择 WMS。 请填写我们的官方国际学生申请表。 我们鼓励国际学生尽早申请,以便有时间处理学习许可/签证。

What is your campus of choice?

WMS Administration will do their best to accommodate campus of choice.

However, acceptace will be based on classroom availability.

Student Information

Household Information

First Parent

Financial responsibility?
Custodial rights?
Receive correspondence?

Second Parent

Financial responsibility?
Custodial rights?
Receive correspondence?

Additional Information


School Transportation

If busing is available in your area, would you be interested in this service?


All international students are required to purchase an independent medical insurance plan. WMS has worked with Guard Me; however, you are free to use the insurance company of your choice.

Does the student have any allergies?
Does the student carry an Epi-Pen for allergies?

Student Interview

Please have your child answer the following questions.

This is not an English test; please use a translator or agent to translate as needed.

Upload video

A $400 interview fee is required to complete the application form.

Please click the button below to proceed.

Thank you for applying to WMS. Our administrative team will review your application and connect with you if we are able to move forward with your application. 感谢您 请 WMS。 我们的管理团队将审核您的申请,并在能够推进您的申请时与您联系。

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