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Partnership between WMEMS and AIA incredible opportunity for the community

WINNIPEG, Manitoba - WMEMS is excited to announce a partnership with Athletes in Action (AIA) that will bring sports camps to both schools this summer.

Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary & Middle Schools (WMEMS) will host multiple Athletes in Action sports camps at both schools, covering volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

“Athlete’s in Action is a worldwide Christian organization that helps people to know Jesus and experience His power to change the world, through sport,” says Steve Klassen, AIA Regional Camps Director.

Every day, students are taught sport specific skills, then coaches spend time sharing stories of God at work in our lives, allowing space for kids to engage by asking questions and sharing their own stories. The focus on sports allows AIA to attract both churched and non-churched participants.

“We know we’re winning when kids come to understand that their value is God-given and not based on their athleticism,” Klassen says.

High-quality sports camps can be difficult for families to find during the summer months, especially on the west side of Winnipeg. WMEMS believes that the partnership with AIA will not only provide an opportunity for their students, but for the entire community surrounding the school. It also aligns with WMEMS’ mission to provide a strong foundation for students through Christ-centred education and community.

“WMEMS is pleased to enter this partnership of mutual promotion and support with Athletes in Action,” says WMEMS CEO Steve Lawrie. “We look forward to working together to promote our high-quality Christian programs for children in our communities.”

AIA will also host sports clinics in May and June at both schools, providing specialized coaching for students. Athlete coaches will teach kids about their sport (volleyball, basketball, and soccer) and share some of their own stories. These clinics are being hosted free of charge for WMEMS students and dates will be announced shortly. Register online on AIA’s website.

“When sports camp is over and AIA moves on to the next location to meet a new crew of kids, WMEMS will still be there. Discipleship can continue to reinforce the decision that were made and answer new questions that arise over time,” Klassen explained about the importance of the partnership. “We want to continue to innovate and explore how to better serve each other and, by extension, the needs of the kids in our community.”

WMEMS will host six sports camps during the following weeks in summer:

  • July 3-7 - Volleyball @ Katherine Friesen School

  • July 10-13 - Basketball @ Katherine Friesen School

  • July 17-21 - Volleyball and Soccer Camp @ Bedson School

  • August 21-25 - Developmental Volleyball and Soccer Camp @ Katherine Friesen School

Kids between ages 7 and 16 are invited to join AIA this summer. Registration is open for all of the weeks mentioned above. You can also contact Steve Klassen at


Athletes in Action and Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary & Middle Schools partnership announcement


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